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Ted Chang

Few creatures move with more grace than deer. Martha Foley compares them to ballerinas. Curt Stager says there's a reason for that. As ballerinas often do, deer walk on their tip-toes. More specifically, they walk on tip-toenail. Two large "fingers" end in the halves of their cloven hooves. Another two fingers, known as dewclaws, hang above and behind the hoof. The fifth digit of the deer's ancestors has disappeared altogether. And what looks like a forearm or foreleg above the hooves is actually a fused and elongated hand, giving the legs, in effect, an extra joint.

9/18/2019 10:00:00 PM

Tempers flared at a public hearing of a commission formed to enact a public campaign financing system for New York. But the tensions centered not on that proposal, but on the commission's decision to consider whether to end fusion voting, which allows candidates to run on multiple ballot lines.

9/18/2019 10:00:00 PM
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