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Musings of a realtor selling New York land (Adirondack land and Tug Hill land)
Winter Outdoor Land Recreation and The Heroes Amongst Us

As we reflect on the Vancouver Olympics that just ended, I just wanted to share with everyone an amazing tale of winter heroism and survival in World War II Norway, where it took every winter outdoor land skill Jan Baalsrud and his countrymen had-- skiing, sledding, ice climbing, swimming, rowing, reindeer riding, and overall snow survival skills--to allow him to make it to safety.

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I'd like to think that the physical exertion, discipline, and endurance learned through winter sports had something to do with the persistence displayed by these heroic men and women in the face of adversity. Let's just hope that we would all demonstrate the same courage and self-sacrifice under the same death-defying circumstances.

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Posted: Tuesday, March 02, 2010 2:30 PM by Ted Chang


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