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New York Land Man

Musings of a realtor selling New York land (Adirondack land and Tug Hill land)
A Beautiful Fishing Description by Sir Edward Grey


Photo: Deer River, Brasher Falls NY (all rights reserved)

    “The angler is by the river not later than ten o’clock: the stream is lively but quiet, and here and there the surface is broken by the recurring swirl of a swaying reed; but no life disturbs it. . . . Not a bird skims the surface of the water, not a fly is to be seen, not a sign of a living creature under it. But the fresh light air is like a caress, the warm sun shines interrupted only by the occasional passage of small, white clouds, the water meadows are bright with buttercups, and the woods and hedges that are on their borders are white with hawthorne blossoms, or lit by the candelabra of horse-chestnut flower. Birds of many sorts, most notably blackbirds, are singing, and the angler in his hour of waiting has such entertainment as seems more than imperfect man can deserve or comprehend. Presently—it may be soon or not till after an hour or more—flies begin to appear on the surface of the water, the rise of a trout is seen; in a short time all is life and agitation. Trout are rising everywhere, some audibly, some without a sound; flies are hatching out all over the river, sitting or skipping in little flights on the water or rising into the air; a moving network of birds, swifts, swallows, and martins is on the river; a rush of bird life and the swish of the wings of the swifts is heard as they pass and repass up and down the stream; and the angler, no longer inert, is on his knees in the midst of it all, at convenient distance from a rising trout, one arm in constant action and the rod and line making a busy sound in the air as he dries and casts his fly. Now for two hours or more his life is energy, expectation, anxiety, resource and effort...."

- Sir Edward Grey

  • Avid fisherman and ornithologist
  • Foreign Secretary of Great Britain, 1905-1916
  • Ambassador to the United States, 1919-1920
  • Author of Fly Fishing (London, 1899)
  • Owner of 2,000 acres at Fallodon in Northumberland
  • From Fallodon Papers (London, 1899) as quoted in Robert K. Massie's Dreadnought (1991)
Posted: Monday, February 14, 2011 11:49 AM by Ted Chang


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