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New York Land Man

Musings of a realtor selling New York land (Adirondack land and Tug Hill land)
A Beautiful Fishing Description by Sir Edward Grey


Photo: Deer River, Brasher Falls NY (all rights reserved)

    “The angler is by the river not later than ten o’clock: the stream is lively but quiet, and here and there the surface is broken by the recurring swirl of a swaying reed; but no life disturbs it. . . . Not a bird skims the surface of the water, not a fly is to be seen, not a sign of a living creature under it. But the fresh light air is like a caress, the warm sun shines interrupted only by the occasional passage of small, white clouds, the water meadows are bright with buttercups, and the woods and hedges that are on their borders are white with hawthorne blossoms, or lit by the candelabra of horse-chestnut flower. Birds of many sorts, most notably blackbirds, are singing, and the angler in his hour of waiting has such entertainment as seems more than imperfect man can deserve or comprehend. Presently—it may be soon or not till after an hour or more—flies begin to appear on the surface of the water, the rise of a trout is seen; in a short time all is life and agitation. Trout are rising everywhere, some audibly, some without a sound; flies are hatching out all over the river, sitting or skipping in little flights on the water or rising into the air; a moving network of birds, swifts, swallows, and martins is on the river; a rush of bird life and the swish of the wings of the swifts is heard as they pass and repass up and down the stream; and the angler, no longer inert, is on his knees in the midst of it all, at convenient distance from a rising trout, one arm in constant action and the rod and line making a busy sound in the air as he dries and casts his fly. Now for two hours or more his life is energy, expectation, anxiety, resource and effort...."

- Sir Edward Grey

  • Avid fisherman and ornithologist
  • Foreign Secretary of Great Britain, 1905-1916
  • Ambassador to the United States, 1919-1920
  • Author of Fly Fishing (London, 1899)
  • Owner of 2,000 acres at Fallodon in Northumberland
  • From Fallodon Papers (London, 1899) as quoted in Robert K. Massie's Dreadnought (1991)
Adirondack Land Near Chateaugay Lake Sold

IMG_3011 Bellmont 117.-1-38 Blair Kiln Rd
Near Public Access Fishing, Boating, ATV

•  Adirondack lot / land - SOLD  $46,000

, NY- This New York Adirondack land for sale has been SOLD. This Adirondack Park acreage is near Chateaugay Lake. Looking for land for sale in Chittenden County Vermont, and finding Vermont land for sale to be more expensive, our buyers found excellent recreational land for sale in New York's Adirondacks, just on the other side of the New York Vermont border. Our Milton Vermont land buyers took advantage of convenient owner financing to complete the purchase. 

"Great potential homesite. Perfect for a luxury first or second home or cabin. Utilities at road. Minutes walking to Chateaugay Lake, public fishing and boating available. Northern pike, rainbow trout, bass, and perch are waiting to be caught during the ice fishing derbies out of the lake in winter! ATV/snowmobile trails nearby. Excellent bear and deer hunting woods. Look for breeding birds like black-capped chickadee, European starling, horned lark, or snow bunting. Financing available! Owner/Beneficiary is licensed real estate broker. Pictures are from general vicinity but may not be exactly of parcel. Visit property in person before buying. This is a portion of 117.-1-38. Taxes TBD. Blair Kiln is plowed up to the sign that says seasonal. REQUEST MAP ATTACHMENTS BEFORE VISITING PARCEL."

Property information

The Last White Man In the Arctic (Video)

Just watched a cool winter outdoors land documentary and decided to share it with fans of Adirondack land, wilderness recreation and hunting.

In its premiere episode, the film crew of Far Out visits Heimo Korth, the last white man still living in the 19 million acre Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

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I just happened to hear about this because my friend's Brooklyn band Live Footage had a number of their eclectic songs featured. Their songs are at 23:00, 26:00, and 45:20 during the hour-long documentary show.

In the episode, Korth hunts grouse, squirrel, caribou, and bear, while setting traps for salmon and rabbit. It's interesting to watch Tom Morton, an obviously non-Arctic host of the show who lives in New York City, encounter the Alaska winter and outdoors for the first time. There's even some action, as the humans engage in a battle of wits with a roving bear to see who survives: man or bear.


Photo: Alaska Grizzly Bear            Attribution: Frank Kovalchek

I was waiting for an epic struggle for survival against the elements, like in Jack London's "To Build A Fire". But alas, the film crew visited early enough in the season that there was only light snow during their visit. A near death snow survival experience would have made for better drama, but I suppose they also had to consider minimum operating temperatures for their cameras.

While caribou don't venture as far south as New York (their bodies are adapted to the harsh northern cold), much of the other hunting showcased in the show, like bear and small game, seemed very similar to what one would find here in New York's Adirondack North Country.

Korth isn't living off the land free of civilization as much as one might imagine. He lives there with his eskimo wife, Edna, and they managed to raise their kids there, though one died in a canoeing accident. They have many accoutrements of civilization to help them survive. They have guns and ammunition. They're even able to rig up an antenna for a radio, and run a generator so they can watch DVDs. Still, once you see how they live, I think any reasonable person would say they're definitely roughing it. Thousands of miles from the nearest hospital, and hundreds of miles from the nearest human, they have to fight off wild animals, and hunt and trap a lot of their food. As the last of 7 remaining live-hunt-trap permit holders in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Heimo is truly an Arctic vox clamantis in deserto, at least as far as white men are concerned.

Here's the Far Out documentary episode on Heimo Korth. Warning: images of animals being gutted and skinned

New York Adirondack North Country Land For Sale and Acreage For Sale

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Adirondack Acreage near Chateaugay Lake is Sold!


Chateaugay, Town of Bellmont, Franklin County  -  This Adirondack acreage / lot / land on Blair Kiln Rd has been sold!

Property information


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New York Adirondack North Country Land For Sale and Acreage For Sale

Winter Outdoor Land Recreation and The Heroes Amongst Us

As we reflect on the Vancouver Olympics that just ended, I just wanted to share with everyone an amazing tale of winter heroism and survival in World War II Norway, where it took every winter outdoor land skill Jan Baalsrud and his countrymen had-- skiing, sledding, ice climbing, swimming, rowing, reindeer riding, and overall snow survival skills--to allow him to make it to safety.

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I'd like to think that the physical exertion, discipline, and endurance learned through winter sports had something to do with the persistence displayed by these heroic men and women in the face of adversity. Let's just hope that we would all demonstrate the same courage and self-sacrifice under the same death-defying circumstances.

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New York Adirondack North Country Land For Sale and Acreage For Sale

Neat Satellite Photo of NY Land and NY Adirondack Mountains

Here's a neat satellite photo showing NY land and the NY Adirondack mountains from space in late fall of 2009. If you click on the photo, there's also a nice short explanation of the geologic history of the NY Adirondacks and its cousin to the east, the Green Mountains in Vermont. The photo also clearly shows veins of evergreen forest, now that the leaves of surrounding deciduous forest have fallen. We have a number of parcels for sale in the Adirondack mountains- Duane land for sale and Chateaugay land for sale, in particular.

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North of the Adirondack mountains is the St. Lawrence Valley, the rich northerly drainage basin of the Adirondack mountains where water eventually makes it way towards the St. Lawrence River and then out to the Atlantic Ocean. In this satellite photo, one can clearly see that the St. Lawrence Valley is characterized by three long east-west "strips" of land:

New York Adirondack North Country Land For Sale and Acreage For Sale

As a broker of New York recreational land, we also have a number of Brasher Falls land for sale listings that are near or adjacent to the Brasher State Forest and the rivers flowing through it. Let us know if we can assist.

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Vancouver Olympics Introduces New York Adirondack Land Sports To America
A quick glance at the current Olympic medal count reveals obvious geographic similarities. The countries currently on the medal board—USA, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Norway, S. Korea and China-- are either northern countries that receive substantial annual snowfall or have mountainous regions such as the Alps that receive heavy snow. Winter sports are practiced widely in these regions, and thus they produce some of the top world winter Olympians.

Living in New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Ontario, or Quebec, it’s easy to forget that we have access to the Adirondack North Country land region in New York, one of the great winter outdoor recreational areas of the United States.

Yet with the exception of downhill skiing and snowboarding, the vast majority of Americans have never had much exposure, let alone substantial recreational experience in, any of the sports being showcased at the winter Olympics.

Despite this, water coolers are abuzz with conversations about the disastrous last minute crash of the South Koreans and Apollo Ohno’s exciting silver finish in the 1,500 m short track. People who have neither cross country skied nor ever held a rifle in their hands are suddenly discussing how biathalon athletes must time their shots to the rhythms of their heartbeats. And others are scoffing at luge runs under 90 miles per hour, knowledgably pointing out where the racer went wrong.


Photo: Richmond Olympic Oval Vancouver 2010 Olympics      Attribution: Duncan Rawlinson

Without even realizing it, everyday Americans are all being introduced to the mysteries of winter recreational sports as we watch these Olympic games. And what many don’t realize is that these winter sports are commonly found in certain mountainous regions of the world, including right here in New York.

New York Adirondack North Country land has backcountry frozen ponds and rivers in winter on which to skate or play ice hockey, outdoor activities that were once ubiquitous and are probably due for a comeback. Cross country skiing and snowmobiling are quite popular activities these days, and many areas of the Adirondack North Country have groomed trails.

So let out the inner curler or biathlete in you, and let these winter Olympics inspire you to take up some form of winter outdoor land recreation. Take your family to the Adirondack region for a weekend and have the whole family give winter recreational activities a try. If you need some ideas about different New York land for different winter recreational activities, look through my recent winter blog posts for more ideas.

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New York Adirondack North Country Land For Sale and Acreage For Sale

Crazy Advice from New York Land Man During Snowmageddon

The National Weather Service has announced that “people are encouraged not to panic…but to simply stay inside…enjoy your favorite indoor activities…and ride this storm out…”

After hearing this, the New York Land Man has rushed out his own snow advisory for the East Coast: “People are encouraged to go outdoors…enjoy your favorite outdoor activities…and ride your snowmobile, skis, etc while the snow is still good…”


What kind of horrible, dangerous advice is the New York Land Man dispensing during a national snow emergency that has shut down cities, deprived entire suburbs of electric power, and brought out the National Guard?

After all, we are in the middle of the #blizzardof2010, #snowmaggedon, #snowpocalypse, #snOMGasm, #snOMG, #snowverkill, #snowdiculous, #snowtoriousBIG, #snowverit, #smowmongous, #snowmania, #snowverfest, #snowapalooza, #snowfecta, according to the Twitterverse and blogosphere.


CC Attribution: woodleywonderworks

As the mid-Atlantic snowmageddon has made its way up the East Coast, 10-15 inches are expected in New York City by the end of today, causing city schools to be suspended for the day. The city that never sleeps is also apparently the city that shuts down at the first sign of snow.

Which has folks in New York's Adirondack North Country just TICKLED PINK!

While NYC panics for a day, and DC is on lockdown, New York Adirondack North Country residents have been waiting all winter with bated breath to get a half decent snow dump like the one experienced along the East Coast this week.

I can tell you right now. There are a LOT of northern New Yorkers who are just dying for a 10-15 inch snow dump! With many more Adirondack land winter festivals in the coming weeks, like the Tri Town winter festival, a nice 10-15 incher sounds just about perfect.

As a New York land broker, most of the calls I have been getting for the past month have been from winter recreation hobbyists: snowmobile enthusiasts, cross country skiers, snowshoers, mushers (dog sledding enthusiasts), ice fishermen, ice climbers, etc. When you buy land in the Adirondack North Country, winter snow isn’t a just reason to cancel school. It’s a way of life.

ps All jokes aside, be safe, folks, and enjoy these snowmaggedon pictures.

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New York Adirondack North Country Land For Sale and Acreage For Sale

Cool Tug Hill Mushing (Dog Sledding) Video

Check out this recreational sled dog team of Siberian Huskies rolicking through Winona State Forest in the Tug Hill land region, where we have Tug Hill land for sale. Mushing, as dog sledding is also known, looks like one heck of a lot of fun. This video is from the musher (rider) perspective!

Tug Hill Winona State Forest Siberian Huskie Sled Dogs

      Photo: Tug Hill Winona State Forest Sled Dog Team

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New York Adirondack North Country Land For Sale and Acreage For Sale

North Country Adirondack Land Region Reports Light Snow

With several winter New York Adirondack land festivals kicking off their activities this weekend, snow reports around the region show light snow accumulation at this point compared to last season.

Last year, Brasher Falls and the Brasher State Forest in St. Lawrence County New York, where we have some recreational land for sale directly off of a groomed snowmobile corridor trail, already had accumulated a 15 inch snow base at this point.

Snow bases this year are a little lighter all around the Adirondack North Country.

Massena, which is holding a winter carnival this year with dog sled and skijor races as part of some of the activities, is reporting a snow base of over seven inches right now.


Inside the Adirondack Park in Duane New York at an elevation of 1,476 feet, near our Adirondack Park land for sale in Duane on Studley Hill, the snow base right now is higher and is currently reporting in at 10 inches.


Tug Hill also appears to be reporting a light snow base so far this year of 4 inches in Lacona, which just had its own successful Tug Hill winter festival in Winona State Forest and where we have Tug Hill acreage for sale near Winona State Forest and Littlejohn Wildlife Management Area.

With serious winter sportsmen and sportswomen in the Adirondack North Country usually looking to February as the kickoff to the winter outdoor recreational season, we've really just started Adirondack North Country winter recreational activities. Enjoy!

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New York Adirondack North Country Land For Sale and Acreage For Sale

New York Land Ski Snowshoe and Snowmobile at St. Lawrence County Winter Festival

While people are still busy buying New York land for sale, existing North Country and Adirondack land owners are busy using their land and practicing right now for upcoming winter events. New York land recreation will be a big component of the 2010 Tri-Town Winter Carnival, an Adirondack North Country land festival with a “Medieval Times” theme. The February 18-21, 2010 festival is being held for the 37th time and has been hosted by the towns of Brasher, Stockholm, and Lawrence in St. Lawrence County since 1966.

Residents in neighboring St. Lawrence County communities such as Massena, Canton, Potsdam, Norfolk, Waddington, Ogdensburg, Lisbon, and Gouverneur are expected to come. Some Malone, Franklin County residents may pop in, as may folks from Canada hailing from Cornwall, Ontario after a short drive across the St. Lawrence River.


One of the main events is the 4th Annual Cross Country Ski and Snowshoe Poker Run in Brasher State Forest. According to organizer Mark Helmer, the Brasher State Forest trails are “the best kept secret and hidden jewel around here,” with ample flat, lightly traveled winter recreation trails and roads throughout the more than 22,000 acres of state forest land in the Brasher/Bombay State Forests. The Brasher State Forest trails are mostly enjoyed by those who live nearby or by those who have bought New York land for sale near state land. “We’re not an official club,” he says, “but there’s a group of us that are regular skiers” in the Brasher State Forest.

Brasher State Forest Cross Country Ski and Snowshoe Run

     Attribution: Photo by Mark Helmer

Starting on Saturday, February 20, at 8:30am, the group will travel through several miles of looping trails over the course of 1.5 hours and end at the starting point. As a poker run, the participants will stop at a number of checkpoints, picking up a poker card at each point. The participants holding the best poker hands at the end of the run will win prizes. Prizes will be awarded at 1 pm. 

Brasher State Forest Cross Country Ski and Snowshoe Run 

     Attribution: Photo by Mark Helmer

The skiing and snowshoeing event will commence near the Brasher Falls DEC offices on Vice Rd in Brasher State Forest.


Additional outdoor New York land recreation events being held are the annual snowmobile races. They will take place on the St. Regis River near the Dishaw family farm in Helena. In winter, the river is wide enough and moves slow enough to freeze over with a fairly flat surface, making it ideal for snowmobile racing.

Vintage Snowmobile Race 

     Attribution: Photo by Kim and Ed Russell

On Saturday, 20 different oval races will be held for the Northern NY Vintage Snowsled Racers circuit. The oval races in Helena are one of the circuit’s 11 winter stops this year, with snowmobile racers from around the northeast participating. In addition to earning circuit points, the top 3 finishers in each race class will receive a trophy.

Vintage Snowmobile Oval Race 

     Attribution: Photo by Kim and Ed Russell

On Sunday, in the same location, snowmobile drag races will be held. Roughly 60-80 competitors are anticipated, based upon last year’s attendance. However, last year’s attendance was lowered by a competing drag race being held on the same weekend. This year the scheduling error was corrected, boosting anticipated attendance. Winners will receive cash prizes.


In general, the Brasher area has over 100 miles of groomed snowmobile trails. Trails are groomed using a county-owned Tucker Sno-Cat, a trail grooming machine with a six figure price tag. Trails are groomed at least once a week during winter. A Bombadier grooming machine is used for the trails near Helena.

“Brasher has some of the best snowmobile trails, though I don’t like to say it too much” says race organizer Ed Russell. With an average of an eight week snowmobile season, Brasher gets a “three to four foot snow base” on average, though “some years it’s less and some years it’s a lot more than that.” In good years, he says “I’ve rode well into April.”


The winter carnival is also planning a leisurely snowmobile poker run on the tri-town trails, though the snowmobile poker run plans have yet to be finalized.

There are a lot more events at the 2010 Tri-Town Winter Carnival.

If you're a winter recreation outdoors enthusiast, learn more about our New York riverfront land for sale off of the Brasher State Forest groomed winter trail system.

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New York Adirondack North Country Land For Sale and Acreage For Sale

Massena Showcases Winter Adirondack North Country Land Recreation

Massena’s upcoming 2010 Massena Winter Carnival is being held February 4-7. North Adirondack New York land recreational activities will be showcased.

The winter festival will feature New York North Country land activities such as a 5K run/walk/snowshoe, and a “moonlight” (6-8 pm) ski and snowshoe event.

There will even be snow volleyball! Tangent: Should we expect this to become an Olympic event someday, like what happened with beach volleyball? Apparently European mountain men and women are already preparing for that day at their own festivals.

The big draw will be the Massena Dash, an International Sled Dog Racing Association-sanctioned event. Dog sledding, or “mushing”, races will be the primary events. Skijoring races will also be held. Skijoring is a wintersport where a cross-country skier is pulled by one or several dogs.

Race officials will include a race marshall, trail boss, race timers, and a chute judge to keep ‘em honest (dogs don’t cheat, people do).

dog sledding 

Photo: Dog sledding Attribution: Photo by laihiu @ flickr 

The outdoor recreational activities showcased during the Massena Winter Carnival are one of the big reasons people buy New York acreage for sale. In between race events, enthusiasts can practice their activities and recreate on their own land.

In the town of Brasher near Brasher Iron Works, we have a large St. Lawrence County New York acreage for sale that would be perfect for mushers, skijorers,* cross country skiers, snowmobilers, showshoers, winter bird watching fans, and general winter outdoors enthusiasts. It’s right off of two official snowmobile trails and in the middle of some of the best snow recreation land in Saint Lawrence County NY.


* no, that is not a misspelling, just a derivative of a word borrowed from our Nordic cold-weather-sport-crazed cousins

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New York Adirondack North Country Land For Sale and Acreage For Sale

Tug Hill Land - Winterfest Begins This Weekend

Just an hour from Syracuse or Watertown in Oswego County New York, we have New York acreage for sale just outside of Winona State Forest, which has a winter festival starting this weekend.

Winona State Forest land is in the heart of the Tug Hill plateau in NY, an area east of Lake Ontario that is famous for its lake effect snow during the winter. At 200-300 inches per winter season, it has the highest snowfall east of the Rocky Mountains.

Snow Drifts in Oswego, Oswego County, New York

      Photo: Lake Effect Snow in Oswego County, NY          Attribution: Photo by Amanda Webb

Winona State Forest supports a lot of winter recreation activities on its 70 miles of multi-use trails throughout its 9,200 acres. Maintained with two large trail-grooming machines that cost over $150,000, the packed snow base can exceed 6 feet during the winter, making the trails ideal for:

  • cross country skiing
  • snowmobiling
  • dog sledding or "mushing"
  • skijoring (skier + dog)
  • snowshoeing
  • hiking
  • bird watching
  • winter landscape photography
  • igloo building and igloo camping (off trail)
  • snowman building (off trail)

 Several of the big winter event attractions at Winona State Forest this year are its:

  • 3rd annual Winona State Forest Winterfest in January, a family friendly snow activity fest with snow sculpting, mushing demonstration and lessons, cross country skiing and skijoring lessons, showshoeing, and woodcarving
    • Also a freestyle Try-It 12/25K cross country ski race, an Empire State Games qualifying race.
  • Tug Hill Challenge Sled Dog Competition in mid-February, an ISDRA-sanctioned event with mushing as well as skijoring events
  • Mannsville Quest Sled Dog Competition in late Feburary
  • 30th annual Winona State Forest Tourathon 50/25/15K cross country ski race in March

The forest's main trails are multi-use, while there are smaller trails that are restricted for specific recreational uses.

Not to downplay its summer activities, Winona State Forest is the only state forest in the area with a dedicated ATV trail system, a rarity in New York as ATV use has been restricted in many other areas. Trails are also used throughout the year for hiking, mountain biking, horse riding, bird watching, and other uses.

We get many calls about our Lacona New York acreage for sale, which is just down the road from Winona State Forest. No wonder, it’s a recreational paradise!

Winter Snow Activities in New York

With many in the Tug Hill land region and the Adirondack land region in New York now enjoying the winter snow, here is a satellite image of last winter-early spring snow blanketing the northeast.

Snow across the northeastern United States

Attribution: Satellite Imagery by NASA/GSFC, MODIS Rapid Response

Snow is New York's greatest winter natural resource in the Tug Hill land region and the Adirondack land region. Recreational enthusiasts were waiting in fall 2009 for the snow to start falling so they could commence their favorite activities, such as snowmobiling, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, dog sledding, ice fishing, ice climbing, and other winter outdoor activities.

I have a lot of New York land listings in the Tug Hill land region as well as the Adirondack land region that are right on or near winter snow recreation trails. So roll out of bed, brew a cup of Joe, wolf down a muffin, and let's get out on the trails.

Snow trail in the woods 

Attribution: Photography by Laurel Fan

Laundry list of Adirondack and Tug Hill winter activities

  • Cross country skiing
  • Downhill skiing
  • Snowmobiling
  • Snowshoeing
  • Hiking
  • Ice climbing
  • Ice fishing
  • Ski orienteering
  • Dog sledding
  • Winter outdoors photography
  • Pond ice skating
  • Bird watching (of birds wintering in the region)

Readers: what is missing from this list?

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No Child Left *Inside*

National efforts to pass No Child Left Inside legislation has been gaining support in recent years, including here in New York.

While I don't know the specifics of the proposed bill that is pending in Congress, I do know that there are an awful lot of kids growing up in urban environments that don't get a chance to truly experience the joys of the outdoors.

I was lucky enough growing up to be able to do summer camps in the woods, Boy Scouts camping activities, and to have an outdoors experiential education component to my secondary school education. However, I wonder how many kids in New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Binghamton, Albany, Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Providence, Hartford and even Montreal and Ottawa will grow up with little or no exposure to the outdoors.

nyc kids at play in street with fire hydrant
     Photo: New York City kids at play          Attribution: Photography by Diego Cupolo

I've certainly known my fair share of city folk who, through no fault of their own were not exposed to the land as kids and now, as adults, cannot fathom how something as unstructured and exposed as the outdoors could be fun and enjoyable.

People who were exposed to the land as kids have, I think, are more likely to automatically have a healthy appreciation for the outdoors. So to buy New York land can also be an investment in one's family, kids, shared memories and life-long health.

nyc kid eating pretzel 

      Photo: Kid seated, eating         Attribution: Photography by Ian Muttoo

A person doesn't simply decide one day that they're an outdoors enthusiast. Childhood is the best time to expose people to outdoor fun. It starts when we're kids. We go canoeing or kayaking with our boy scout or girl scout group. Perhaps a relative teaches us the how to hunt or fish. Perhaps we go to summer camp where we go hiking, exploring, and see our first wild animals and pick up insects with our hands. And under the right circumstances, that taste of the outdoors might just blossom into a regular hobby as an adult.

As our country discusses ballooning health care costs, and as New York discusses upstate New York economic development, maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea after all to try to get New Yorkers excited about New York land and outdoors recreation.

kid in the woods reading nature book on moths and butterflies 

     Photo: Budding nature enthusiast          Attribution: Photography by John Ferron

New York has amazing world class outdoor recreational resources. Imagine if some of the 8+ million people living in New York City actually started to go to upstate New York for outdoor recreation and tourism. Now imagine if people from other states and countries were coming to New York to take advantage of those resources, much more so than they are now. It just might be a powerful and sustainable shot in the arm of the upstate New York economy.

Outdoor education, now that I think about, should be something that crosses political lines. Outdoors education should bring together nature lovers, animal lovers, environmentalists with hunters, trappers, and gun owners. Outdoors education should bring together people who are trying to expand health care coverage with people who are trying to bring down health care costs. Outdoors education should bring together downstate New York with upstate New York.

But with all the groups that need to be brought together to pass legislation, I'm not holding my breath. In the meantime, I'd be happy to introduce you to some Adirondack acreage for sale if you're considering a purchase for your family.

mom and daughter on wood bench outdoors spending time together 

     Photo: Mom and daughter outdoors          Attribution: Photography by Rolands Lakis

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