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New York Land Man

Musings of a realtor selling New York land (Adirondack land and Tug Hill land)
Bird Watching in the Adirondacks: Bird Counts Dec 2009

Owners of Adirondack land and ornithology hobbyists have long enjoyed the wonderful diversity of the Adirondack bird population, and over the 2009 Christmas holidays, volunteer bird watchers in the Adirondack region went out and recorded bird sightings in their area. Here are the preliminary holiday season bird counts.

In the St. Lawrence Seaway-Massena-Cornwall Ontario area along the New York-Canada border, 59 bird species were sighted, including a record high for sightings of the red-breasted merganser. A number of Bohemian waxwing were also seen. Other notable sightings included the mute swan (4th record), common loon, pied-billed grebe (5th record), double-crested cormorant, merlin (3rd record), peregrine falcon (3rd record), long-eared owl (3rd record), and red-bellied woodpecker (5th record).

Meanwhile, the Canton-Potsdam area in St. Lawrence County New York reported 38 species. Common regional birds such as Canada geese, wild turkey, rock pigeon, mourning dove, American crow, blue jay, horned lark, black-capped chickadee, European starling, American tree sparrow, snow bunting, American goldfinch, and house sparrow were all seen in large numbers. Seen in smaller numbers were the red-tailed hawk, rough-legged hawk, downy woodpecker, hairy woodpecker, pileated woodpecker, white-breasted nuthatch, dark-eyed junco, northern cardinal, and scattered sightings of a number of other species.

Downy Woodpecker 

Photo: Downy Woodpecker          Attribution: Photography by Peter de Wit

The Brasher Falls-Brasher State Forest area in St. Lawrence County New York was not counted separately, but lying roughly midway between Massena and Potsdam, observers noted that the 22,000 acre state forest area bird count is likely to contain a similar mix of species with these two bird count locations.

If you've heard enough and are ready to buy land for sale in Brasher Falls New York, just stop reading and step right up. Cool

One group in the Adirondack lake region reported the lowest bird counts in two decades, owing to cold weather on count day, harsh temperatures in the weeks preceding the count, and the near absence of conifer mast. Still, 33 species were sighted, the most common of which were the mallard, wild turkey, rock pigeon, mourning dove, blue jay, American crow, black-capped chickadee, red-breasted nuthatch, European starling, and evening grosbeak. In smaller numbers were the downy woodpecker, hairy woodpecker, raven, white-breasted nuthatch, golden-crowned kinglet, northern cardinal, purple finch, dark-eyed junco, house sparrow, and limited sightings of an assortment of other species. The most notable highlights of their Adirondack lake count included a Canada goose, 2 black-backed woodpeckers, a falcon, and 932 American goldfinches. Also seen were 2 ruby-crowned kinglets, a species that had never been observed previously in the 54 years of the count.

Ruby-crowned kinglet

Photo: Ruby-crowned kinglet          Attribution: Photography by Alan Vernon

Buy Adirondack land and enjoy these sights yourself. Keep in mind that this was a winter bird count. With all of northern New York being a 10 lane highway for birds migrating during the migration season, buyers looking for Adirondack acreage for sale need only imagine sitting on one's land and looking up at the sight of thousands of birds flying overhead!

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Safety Primer for Looking at Land For Sale in the Adirondacks

How to enjoy your day looking at New York Adirondack land for sale, particularly New York hunting land for sale, with only 10 minutes of safety prep.

The DEC Region 5 Forest Ranger Report on 10/21/09 has the following interesting snippet:

"On Sunday, October 11, at approximately 6:00 PM, DEC Dispatch received a call from Ron DiDonna, 62, of Glenville, NY stating that he and his wife, Mary DiDonna, 56, were lost off of East Kelm Pond Road. The couple had left their vehicle to inspect a property for possible purchase, but became lost on the property’s logging roads. A DEC forest ranger responded to the search while Warren County 911 obtained coordinates from the cell phone. The forest ranger located the DiDonna’s vehicle and, using the coordinates provide by Warren County 911, attempted to locate them by various means without success. A second forest ranger was dispatched to assist with the search. At 10:30 PM the couple was located on the backside of a large ridge, approximately one mile from their vehicle. They were safely escorted back to their vehicle by 11:00PM. DEC Forest Rangers remind people to know the terrain they explore and to always carry a map and compass when going into the backcountry."

Looking at land for sale in the Adirondack region is a fun experience. Treat it like a morning or afternoon hike. But all buyers should keep in mind that most large acreages are in undeveloped areas and are not controlled, groomed places.

For a safe, fun experience looking at backcountry New York acreage and hunting land for sale in New York, I recommend not ignoring any items on this list:

  • Print out all maps and study before departing. 10 minutes of effort is worth it to save yourself a lot of grief when you get to the parcel and realize you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. Check the maps against satellite aerial images of trails, roads and landmarks.
  • Bring the maps into the field with you.
  • Compass ($4 at Walmart) (it can be easy to get disoriented in the woods)
  • Knee high rubber boots (to tromp through any wet ground, which is common on any large parcel, and keep your feet comfortably dry) ($25 at Walmart). Definitely do not wear sandals! At the very least wear supportive waterproof hiking boots. Make sure your jeans completely cover your boots to protect against ticks and lyme disease.
  • Jeans, long sleeve shirt to protect your arms and legs from thorns and brambles
  • Rain jacket (in case of rain)
  • Bug net ($5 at Walmart) over a hat to keep annoying bugs comfortably away from your face and skin
  • Hiking GPS along with key GPS waypoints planned in advance
  • 4WD/Truck/ATV for rough back country roads or "truck trails"
  • Cell phone, fully charged. Keep off until you actually need it.
  • Flashlight with fully charged batteries (in case of emergency and you're in the woods after dark)
  • Water bottles and snack food
  • Any further precautions as the season may warrant, such as winter precautions.

Make sure to arrive at the parcel in the morning. To truly familiarize yourself with a large New York acreage can take 4-5 hours.

You've probably gone hiking dozens of times and have lived in the Adirondacks your entire life walking in the back woods.

Still, it's much easier to spend five minutes going through a safety checklist than spending a night out in the cold until you're rescued in the morning (hopefully).

Ask your real estate agent with listings of rural land for sale in New York for some general guidance on what land features to expect before venturing into the field.

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New York Adirondack North Country Land For Sale and Acreage For Sale

Vermont Buyers Coming to NY

Story: Buy Vermont land? Or buy New York land instead? New York land is very close to Vermont land, and Vermont land buyers may want to buy land in New York instead, since New York land is actually closer to Vermont land in certain areas.

A Vermont realtor colleague called me yesterday with a buyer looking for a large recreational New York acreage of several hundred acres for hunting, fishing and recreation. I sent her information on a riverfront acreage in New York that borders state forest land and is part of a large New York acreage to see if that's a fit for her buyers.

We've had occasional inquiries from Vermont land buyers lately, particularly those looking for western Vermont land, which got me thinking that New York North Country land and western Vermont land are so close, separated only by Lake Champlain. In fact, the drive from western Vermont land to New York land can actually be closer than the drive from Burlington Vermont land to the southeastern or northeastern part of Vermont!

Therefore, buyers in various communities in Vermont might be interested more in New York Adirondack land for sale instead of Morrisonville VT land; Swanton VT land; Highgate Center VT land; Franklin VT land; Enosburg Falls VT land; Sheldon VT land; St. Albans VT land; Milton VT land; Colchester VT land; Winooski VT land; Burlington VT land; S. Burlington VT land; Shelburne VT land; Charlotte VT land; N. Ferrisburgh VT land; Vergennes VT land; Addison VT land; Panton VT land; Bridport VT land; Shoreham VT land; Fairfield VT land; Sheldon VT land; Fairfax VT land; Westford VT land; Cambridge VT land; Essex Junction VT land; Williston VT land; Hinesburg VT land; Bristol VT land; Lincoln VT land; New Haven VT land; Middlebury VT land; Whiting VT land; and W. Cornwall VT land. Vermont land buyers, at least those from these communities in western Vermont, might very well find a New York acreage to buy for themselves.

Vermont, we're waiting for ya. New York land ain't going nowhere. We promise not to say no if you find yourself over in these parts. Oh, and there's cheese in NY too, so once you get here, you won't miss Vermont land much. Stick out tongue

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Check out these Oswego County Photos

Sometimes I am just amazed at the ability of photographers and their ability to capture the beauty of the natural landscape and land in Tug Hill. Enjoy these Oswego County Tug Hill Photos.

In this Oswego County Tug Hill photo collection are photos of all the seasons: spring, summer, fall, winter. There are activity photos of hunting, boating, horse riding, picnicking, kayaking, biking, and snowboarding taking place on Tug Hill land. Animals such as seagulls, geese, ducks, other birds, horses, ponies, pigs, dogs, deer, and squirrels are captured unaware. Physical man-made objects are depicted, ranging from small objects like flags, posted signs, wood-burning stoves, cannons, tombstones, stone walls, and wood fences to train tracks, cars, tractors, and ships.

Specific Tug Hill land and locations depicted include Lake Ontario, SUNY Oswego, Central Square, Fort Ontario, Parish, Salmon River Falls, Mexico, Rice Creek, Salmon River Reservoir, Oswego River, Mexico Point, Nine Mile Point, and Caughdenoy Dam.

Unnamed buildings and structures are also highlighted, such as bridges, docks, lighthouses, barns, farms, grain silos, an armory, diners, cemeteries, and even a power plant and its transmission lines, not to mention buildings representing a range of architectural styles such as Italianate, Greek Revival, and Second Empire.

Mostly, and playing to the strength of Tug Hill land, there are beautiful natural landscape pictures of lakes, waves, rivers, rustic scenes, rural scenes, fields, meadows, pasture, rainbows, the Moon, swamp, wetlands, night scenes, the sky, snow, sunsets, trees, forests, fall foliage, leaves, corn, flowers, cattails, and ferns.

I hope you enjoy these photos of the Tug Hill region, Oswego County, New York as much as I did.

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15 Acres For Sale in Chateaugay, Town of Bellmont

Adirondack Views of Clinton County New York from Chateaugay, Town of Bellmont, New York
Million dollar elevated view

•  lot / land - MLS®

  Million dollar elevated view, see all the way to Clinton County, this Chateaugay land for sale in New York is perfect for a luxury first or second home! Drew Ln is paved and plowed, and utilities are at the road. This Chateaugay New York land for sale includes a pond and working barn. Carved out of 117.-1-38, it's just minutes walking to Chateaugay Lake (public fishing and boating available)! ATV/snowmobile trails are nearby. Financing is available! Owner/Beneficiary is a licensed real estate broker. Pictures are from general vicinity but may not be exactly of parcel. Visit property in person before buying. REQUEST MAP ATTACHMENTS BEFORE VISITING PARCEL.

DIRECTIONS: E from Malone on CR-24, right at Merrill Rd, go south 1.3 miles, pass through intersection straight onto Drew Lane for 0.9 miles more. Parcel is last driveway before Blair Kiln Rd east of Drew Ln, opposite a log cabin style house on a cleared acreage. Gate on Drew Lane leads up to a clearing with an old barn. Do not drive onto parcel, park on Drew Lane and walk. 15 ac carved out of 117.-1-38. BRING THE MAPS!

Land for sale listing, Chateaugay, town of Bellmont, New York

Other Adirondack land for sale

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County Route 15 in Boylston is Sold!


Lacona, Town of Boylston, New York The lot / land at County Route 15, Lacona, Town of Boylston, New York is sold.

SOLD! Located in Lacona, town of Boylston, Oswego County, New York, this Tug Hill land parcel is in the heart of the Tug Hill land plateau / cuesta. In winter, massive amounts of lake effect snow are created as winds move over nearby Lake Ontario, pick up moisture, and deposit it in the Tug Hill land region. The area receives so much snow that some cabins are built with second floor entry doors.

The resulting snowmobile, dog sledding, and cross country ski trails in Winona State Forest are just minutes away from this Lacona parcel. Hunting opportunities in Littlejohn Wildlife Management Area are also just down the road. And salmon fishing, which can be done in all seasons including winter, is available along Oswego County's Salmon River, attracting recreational sport fisherman from across the US.

The buyers were local residents looking for a piece of Tug Hill land to call their own. They took advantage of the fact that this was seller financed land in New York to complete the purchase of this acreage and potential homesite. If they build a recreational cabin, I just hope they remember to put a door on the 2nd story!

I have another listing just like the Lacona New York land sold. If you liked the sound of this one, take a look at our other Tug Hill land for sale, specifically our for sale listing in Lacona, Town of Boylston, New York.

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25 acres off of Drew Lane in Chateaugay, Town of Bellmont is Sold!


Chateaugay, Town of Bellmont, Franklin County, NY  The lot / land off of Drew Lane has been sold.

Chateaugay New York Land Sold

This northern Adirondack land is approximately 25 acres. With Chateaugay Lake and its public boat launch and public fishing spots just minutes away, along with ATV and snowmobile trails in the neighborhood, this potential homesite has a nice mix of recreational amenities in an otherwise secluded rural neighborhood.

Continuously owned by one family starting in 1856, according to the abstract of title, a descendant finally sold the property in 1988, ending the family's 132-year ownership.

The Adirondack acreage is off of the main road and accessed via a right-of-way access road that runs along the northern edge of the parcel to the south. Because the property was consecutively held by one family for so long, the original right-of-way still refers to "men and teams", or men and horses.

We think it's neat that the new buyer is also a horse lover and owner. In this age of SUVs, hybrids and electric cars, some things are just classic. New York Adirondack land owners often look for horse land in New York to keep their horses.

Our buyer took advantage of our owner financed land in New York, which made this purchase possible. Congratulations!

Sounds perfectly lovely, right? We also have other northern Adirondack land for sale. It's not too late. Step right up!

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Cotter Rd in Brasher Falls is Sold!


Brasher Falls, Town of Brasher, Saint Lawrence County  -  This riverfront acreage on the Deer River at E. Cotter Rd is sold. We had two different buyers come out the same weekend, and both buyers offered to buy it on the spot. Talk about putting us in a bind!

The lucky buyer of our New York land for sale will get some great seasonal bird watching at this New York land location, along with waterfowl hunting, due to the pond that appears to have formed with some assistance from some friendly neighborhood beavers. There's a nice clearing at the road where a New York cabin or house could potentially be built, subject to obtaining the necessary permissions, and it's just down the road from state forest lands.

The buyers took advantage of the owner financed land in New York that was offered to make a reality of their dream of owning recreational land in New York . You're welcome!

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New York Adirondack North Country Land For Sale and Acreage For Sale

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